Choosing a puppy, how to make a right choice

The decision to make a fluffy addition to your family is a big commitment and there are quite a few important things that everyone needs to consider when choosing a puppy.

  • What type of dog best suits your lifestyle?

  • Are you fully prepared for all costs and care associated with having this type of dog?

  • Would it be a rescue pup or should you buy from a breeder?

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While these questions may sound simple, every prospective new dog owner should conduct a thorough research before answering each of them. Knowing all the pros and cons and being prepared for the responsibilities associated with owning a dog will help you choose the right puppy for you.

Begin with deciding what type of dog would best suit your lifestyle. Are you a busy person or having a laidback way of living? Do you live in an apartment or a house? Do you have young children or other pets? Since dogs come in different sizes and have different personalities, activity levels and needs, this is a very important first step in “how to choose a puppy” guide.

Another important point is to make sure you’re prepared financially to take on the cost of care for this type of dog. Keep in mind that caring for a Great Dane is very different from having a Chihuahua and the costs associated with their feeding, vet appointments and behavioural training may vary greatly. Unfortunately, many owners underestimate these costs when choosing a puppy, resulting in more dogs being surrendered to the shelters and pounds.

So how to choose a dog that is right for you? Do plenty of research! Talk to your local vet, get online and chat to the dog owners or even go to the park and meet different dogs and their parents to get a first-hand experience. All these efforts will pay off when you start feeling confident and ready to take the next step in choosing your new best friend.

The next important step is to decide whether you want to adopt from a shelter, or buy from a breeder. As much as it is tempting to encourage to #adoptdontshop, there is no right answer and each pet parent makes decision that suits best their circumstances. If when choosing a puppy you decide to adopt, there are thousands of dogs in all shapes, sizes and breeds waiting for their furever humans! You can find your local rescue group here and send them adoption enquiry. When adopting from a reputable rescue, you will be supplied with the documents including puppy’s most recent vet check, microchip number and up-to-date worming and vaccination history. And, of course, that extremely rewarding feeling when you saving a life is worth every minute of your time!

If you think that adoption is not for you, are looking for a very specific breed or want to know more about puppies background, a registered breeder would be your best choice. It is hugely important to choose the breeder thoroughly to avoid background breeders and puppy farms! You should be invited to meet the parents and provided with a certified pedigree to authenticate the pup’s bloodline. A reputable breeder would often give you necessary support and help with advise on how to care for your new puppy. Sometimes you may need to wait a while before puppies reach adoptable age, however if you found your perfect match, your patience will pay off.

Whatever choice you make, responsible approach to having a dog is a paramount! Often people get excited and carried away by the cuteness and fluffiness, forgetting that pups, just as human children, will eventually grow up and may not be as playful or as cute and fluffy as they were in a few years time. When choosing a puppy, do a thorough research. Remember, owning a dog is a big responsibility and a life time commitment. Getting this right from the start will help both, you and your pup, build the most perfect relationship and get the most rewarding experience! Good luck!

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