Eco-friendly Cotton Rope Toy - Bunny

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Play with your best friend while also helping to save the environment!  

Our cotton rope animal toys are made using 100% natural eco-friendly cotton rope. They are great for puppies who are teething, small to medium dogs who like to chew, or even cats who like to play tug and toss! As the rope frays naturally over time, the toy will act like a dental floss for your fur baby when he chews. 

Using eco-friendly toys means less plastic waste in the landfills and better future for our planet!

DISCLAIMER: Always supervise your pet while playing to ensure no parts of the toy are ingested. If ingestion is suspected, take your pet to the vet immediately. Any ingested foreign object may cause potential harm if not timely treated.


Product Description

  • Made using 100% cotton rope
  • Toxic-free and pet safe
  • Measures - 15 cm
  • Recommended for dogs and cats
  • 100% recyclable and earth-friendly



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