Our Mission

Our mission can be described as simple as: LOVE for our pets & CARE for our planet. But there is more to these words…

We like to think of our mission as made up of three major parts: bringing the best quality pet products; being caring and mindful towards the environment and helping animals in need.
This means that we are committed to the highest quality standards while choosing our suppliers, manufacturers and partners. We conduct a thorough research before deciding, what we put on our virtual shelf. Firstly, we make sure that all products are 100% safe. No toxic chemicals that may harm your precious fur ball! Then, when it comes to the design, we listen. To you and other pet parents like you, because no-one knows better. What do they like to sleep on? What do they like to play with? What do they prefer to wear? We appreciate feedback and encourage you to share it! If we’re doing something wrong, we want to know it, too! 

When it comes to choosing the materials, we stand by our commitment to protect our planet. Wherever possible, we choose those that are sustainable, earth-friendly, renewable, natural and/or recyclable and by doing so we aim to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste. You may notice that we don’t like plastic very much and try to avoid it wherever possible. For example, you won’t find anything plastic in our Eco Bowls range. Instead, we choose Bamboo fiber, Stainless steel and Ceramics. Or take our doggy poop bags – they are made by our wonderful partner and eco-warrior Compost-A-Pak, and are 100% biodegradable! However, we do recognise that in a modern world, man-made (or synthetic) fibers play a huge role and it is almost impossible to avoid their use completely. Especially when it comes to durability, synthetic fibers are the best.

But wait for the good news… In the 21stcentury, many of the synthetic fibers can be recycled! Not to mention that they take a huge load off natural productions such as cotton, which become increasingly unsustainable in recent decades due to the high demand and very low rate of renewal. Therefore, when you look at our collars and leashes, you find that many of them are made of Polypro or other poly-based material. These materials are tough and durable and are made to last. But when it finally comes the time for your favourite collar to go in the bin, make sure to recycle and it may find its way back to you in a form of a plant pot :)

The last part of our mission perhaps is the most satisfying. We donate 10% of the profit from each sale to the rescues who help animals in need. Remember, Queenie was rescued from a slow death in the pound and her life was turned around? This would not have been possible, if not for the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to saving animals. Now it’s the time to give back! To be honest, this was the main motivation for starting this business. I am indebted to those who saved Queenie’s life. But there are yet many thousands of lives just like Queenie’s, who are waiting to be saved. Rescues exist because of the donations from those who care. And we are one of them…

Rescues and charities we've proudly supported so far:


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